Get Kids Outside and Involved in Nature During the Pandemic

Nature-deficit disorder combined with stay-at-home orders is the perfect storm for parents. We know now more than ever how important it is for our children to get outside and away from the screens, but the pandemic has created new wrinkles with this.

Rather than dwell on the impossibilities, it’s time to get creative with the options available to your family. When you think outside the box a bit, you can unearth a wealth of outdoor opportunities that will help your children engage with nature.

Start with the Backyard

It’s likely the backyard will be your main source for outdoor activities, so you want to have a variety of options to keep things interesting.

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Get Kids Outside and Involved in Nature During the Pandemic

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Look to Nearby Parks That Are Open
Check to see which parks are open where you can safely hike or bike trails. If there are nearby lakes, find out if you can fish.

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Get Extra Creative

You always want to have a few extra activities up your sleeve for down the road.

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The only way to beat the indoor boredom blues without screens is to get outside, but you need to have engaging activities to keep kids interested and occupied. Plus, with all of these different activities, you could lay the foundation for your kiddos to become true nature enthusiasts.
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Get Kids Outside and Involved in Nature During the Pandemic

Whale Watching

It's the season.