Trail Rhythms Workshops

Individualized and Small Group Workshops

Looking to gain the skills you will need to be able to climb and repel independently? We at Trail Rhythms can help turn your goal into reality. Merging the “leave no trace” principles and approved rope skills will take time and special training. Trail Rhythms certified instructor can help you build a custom program to get you there. It’s the beginning of something big, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to climbing on your own.

So, if want to learn the Nuts and Bolts of how to adopt a Gulch then this is for you.  Learn all about the Gear, anchor building, creating redundancy, risk management and so much more. Remember, what we do takes consistent training and continual learning.  No one course will make someone a professional or versed enough to start cleaning gulches/waterways, nor will it make anyone person qualified to teach these skills.  This is an advanced Introduction to the bigger picture.   This course will introduce you to the basics and allow you to train with confidence.  After you take this course, you will be encouraged to use the appropriate gear and skillset and practice, with confidence.  When you feel ready, you will spend a day with your guide rappelling to evaluate and fine-tune your skillset. 

 Prerequisites – Must have completed a “leave no trace” course within the last 6 months.  You must provide/use your own gear.  Minimum gear requirement list below. Gear will be inspected before use by the guide, a valuable skill that will be taught to you in your workshop.  

  •  Harness, helmet
  • sturdy approach shoes
  • 2 -48 inch 18mil nylon slings
  • 21 feet of 6 or 7mil cordelette
  • 6 medium locking biners
  • 2 large locking biners
  • PAS (Personal Anchor System)
  • 1 Petzel GriGri
  • 1 ATC with biner
  • 1 Hollowblock -for Friction Hitches
  • 60 meter rope


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